Fresh Cut Flowers & Foliage


As the new year will soon approach, one of my new years resolutions I have for my home is to be able to fill my home with fresh cut flowers and foliage collected straight from my urban garden.

Filling your home with fresh, fragrant, colourful greenery is never easier than when you can head out to the yard and clip what you need.

In order to do this i’m going to have decide what it is I would like to grow, and what also will work well in the current environment and climate that I live in.

Why not think ahead and plant shrubs that you would love to bring indoors. I’ll defiantly be adding to my collection plants such as Viburnum, Birds of Paradise, Magnolia, Arum Lily, and monstera whose foliage adds an organic sensibility and often a natural scent to the home. 

Greenery gathered from your own garden will be far fresher than any you can buy, and the variety will likely exceed what you can find at a market.

Consider carefully which branches to cut and which ones to leave. You don’t want to end up with bald spots or just wood. Distribute the cuts evenly around the plant in order to preserve its natural form. 

It will be great having lush foliage and flowers to decorate your home with all year round


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