The Jade “Money” Plant


The Money Plant or Jade Plant is one of the most famous and popular of the many succulents used as indoor plants and known to be a symbol of vibrant energy; the owner’s fortunes are believed to increase with each new leaf and Feng Shui enthusiasts even claim it provides positive mental health benefits by nourishing the chi.

The idea of keeping plants indoors is to harmonise human life with the surrounding environment and placement of such plants are chosen to hopefully reflect this growing energy in your own bank balance.

The Jade Plant is easy to look after and has amazing longevity, this is reflected in its past popularity. The impolite phrase “old fashioned” might be slung around when describing the Jade Plant, but as with anything, fashions come and go. So if you like it, pay no attention to the reputation.

This is a plant whose characteristics can evoke emotions. Whether by its radiant beauty, its tiny white flowers, the shape of its leaves or its majestic height, you will no doubt, as have those in the past, experience the overwhelming reasons why you would want to keep such as plant.

With that said, we all know money doesn’t grow on trees, but this one looks a million bucks, so start cultivating that wealth.


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