Your Secret Getaway

The fast pace of life today can make a spontaneous getaway seem out of the question. City living may not offer the luxury of a large private lawn, but don’t underestimate the promise of a balcony, a common-space courtyard and small patio. With a little imagination, any of these can be transformed to pull off the effect of a genuine escape.

Close to home, the simplest way to crave a getaway space from any outdoor area is to define it with lush natural plantings. Edge a balcony with pots of hardy perennial herbs, like Lavender, Rosemary and Sage, of which have more benefits then just aesthetic appeal. Did you know that they ward off insects.

You can also shut out an unpleasant view and muffle the sounds of the world with fast climbing vines. So, enclose yourself in a section of the courtyard behind sweetly scented Jasmine or a basket of Silver Falls, and add some intimacy to your home.

Slowing down to the pace nature keeps is relaxation in its truest form. Take advantage of a hidden corner or an open patio to create a secluded space to escape.

It’s time to start transforming those unused and forgotten areas to your advantage, after all they are an extension of the home and should be appreciated and loved just as much. Learn to enjoy the added benefits of small outdoor gardens so that you can unwind and recharge. Also, don’t forget your blanket so you can also indulge in a peaceful nap while enjoying your new green surrounds.