Terrarium Basics


Terrariums are literary a collection of small plants grown in a sealed transparent container creating an environment like a mini ecosystem. They are a great way to add life to your space if you lack the free time or the “green thumb” to care for a bounty of houseplants.

They are known as the ultimate, low-maintenance indoor garden and can make it possible to grow things in places that aren’t exactly conducive to growth, and can pretty much be self-sufficient aside from the occasional misting or watering.

There are two general types of terrariums: open “Desertariums” and enclosed. It’s important to pick your plants based on the style of your terrarium if you want them to thrive. An open terrarium provides ample air circulation and lower levels of humidity. It is perfect for plants that thrive in a drier environment, like succulents, cacti and air plants.

Different plants require different amounts of care and it’s important to match your plants together by determining if they can be grown together e.g. humidity loving plants that require low light or plants that can be found in dry environments in full sun.

Another great thing about terrariums is your plants are not going to die overnight if your forget to water them. Closed terrariums should be self sufficient with very little water required. Water your closed terrarium every few weeks so the humidity level remain substantial.

Open terrariums will require weekly watering if you plan on housing tropical plants. If you open terrarium is home to desert like plants then a good drink once a month will be sufficient but make sure you don’t over water as succulents do not enjoy wet feet.

If gardening is your favourite way to recharge your creativity don’t let a small space cramp your style and if your new at this and refer to yourself as a brown thumb, don’t be disheartened because the best way of learning is sometimes with trial and error and your almost cannot go wrong with a terrarium if you get the main steps right.


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