Gather with friends or colleagues and spend time creating something.  We host a variety of workshops including succulent oasis, terrariums, wreath gardens and plant education. 

Check out our social media and get on our email list to get the heads up on upcoming events.  We also host private workshops in our space or come to you – contact us and we can set up something perfect for you!  Love the Grounded space but have your own vision?  We can bring our urban jungle to you for various events so you can mingle with friends among our lush variety of plants. 


Beyond Sunflowers runs a wide range of workshops and events for councils, after school care, community groups, markets, festivals, shopping centres and cafes. Its an excuse to have some fun and get your hands dirty.

Injecting a bit of greenery into your life has well-documented benefits. With a bit of imagination and some careful planting, a whole landscape can be created in a single pot, all while having fun.

All workshops are open to imagination and interpretation. We like to collaborate with other Sydney based businesses who have a passion for art, creativity, beauty, sustainability and nature.

These workshops are designed to be fun and interactive.


Get to know the indoor plants and learn how to create an indoor garden in Sydney.

In this class you will learn all the basics to starting your own indoor jungle, covering the basics of finding the right spot for your plants and how to keep it thriving. 

You will never kill a house plant again!


Terrariums are a fantastic way to introduce greenery to the home as they don’t take up much space and require very little maintenance, allowing us to get on with our busy lives while still getting the benefits of plants around us!

In this exclusive terrarium-making workshop, learn all about how-to build and care-for your very own container garden that you’ll take home.


Staghorn Ferns are different from other ferns in that they are epiphytes, living on trees and rocks instead of in the soil, and are bright light lovers.

In our exclusive Staghorn Fern Mounting Workshop – DIY your very own mounted staghorn fern to hang at home. It will do well hung in medium to bright light, with a weekly watering or soaking. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the plant care basics during the workshop!

This houseplant is pet-friendly. This class is good for all levels, no prior experience required.


Staghorn Ferns are different from other ferns in that they are epiphytes, living on trees

Start off your holiday season by creating a fresh wreath for your front door at our wreath-making workshop. In this festive workshop, learn how to construct your own succulent wreath.

This stunning wreath will make a beautiful addition to your home or table this Christmas!

We will also show you how to redecorate your wreath for Halloween, Easter and Birthdays.

Bring the colours of the season to your home with a live wreath that you make in this workshop.